# Blob Storage

Blob Storage can be provided via:

  • Local file system
  • Cloud storage

# Introduction

  • Features
  • Key Job stories (if lots have an appendix for full job stories)
  • Key components

# Direct to Cloud Upload

Want: Direct upload to cloud storage … But you need to authorize that … So give them a token from your app

A sequence diagram illustrating the process for a direct to cloud upload:


  • What is file structure in cloud … i.e. What is the file path for uploaded files? Options:
    • Client chooses a name/path
    • Content addressable i.e. the name is given by the content? How? Use a hash.]
      • Beauty of that: standard way to name things. The same thing has the same name (modulo collisions)
      • Goes with versioning => same file = same name, diff file = diff name
  • And do you enforce that from your app
    • Request for token needs to include the destination file path

# CKAN 2 (Classic)

TODO: discussion of current FileStore and ckanext-cloudstorage

# CKAN 3 (Next Gen)

# Research

# Azure

# Can you do multi-part uploads with SAS in Azure? (and with the SDK?)

Not sure … atm

See https://github.com/Azure/azure-storage-php/issues/170