# Redeploy A frontend APP To CKAN Cloud

# Make changes to a deployed instance

Let’s say you need to make several changes to the frontend app we created in Deploy Frontend APP To CKAN Cloud:

  • Enable a new theme.
  • Deploy the latest version of frontend-v2
  • Updating Environment variables.

# Enable a new theme

All you need to do is update the Dockerfile. Frontend applications are Node-js apps that are cloned in the themes directory.

Note: Client repos are usually private. You can re-use the token for the cloud-service-account.

# Update environment variables

In order to add/remove/update environment variables, you only need to change them in the Dockerfile. See other environment variables as an example. The conventon is:


# Deploy the new version of frontend-v2

We are not versioning frontend-v2, so all you need to do is trigger the latest GitLab-CI build.

This will trigger a new build, and the new image will include the latest commits from the master branch

# Redeploy

Commit the changes and wait until the build is successful.


If the build is not successful, check its logs. You might have a typo in your branch, release name, etc…

  • Open Deploy frontend instance
  • Click “Build with Parameters” button
  • Fill INSTANCE_NAME parameter with deploy-demo-exercise-ng
  • Fill REGISTRY_REPO parameter with viderum/cloud-[instance-id] (viderum/cloud-deploy-demo-exercise-ng)
  • Click “Build” button

Wait for the successful build, and that’s it! You’ve just deployed your changes to the CKAN cloud servers 🚀