# Glossary

# Data Management System

A Data Management System is a framework for building data management solutions such as data catalogs, data portals, data factories, data workflows and various combinations and extensions of these.

# Dataset

Dataset is a collection of related and (potentially) interconnected Resources. Example: Excel file with mulitple sheets, Database etc.


DMS is an acronym for Data Management System.

# File

Usually a data file. See Resource.

# Profile

The structure for general metadata for data. E.g. this dataset follows the “Biodiversity Data Publication v1.3 Profile”.

# Resource

Resource (aka File) is a single data file or object. Strictly, the Resource should correspond to a single logical data structure e.g. a single table vs multiple tables. Example: CSV file, single sheet spreadsheet, geojson file.

Confusingly, an actual physical file/resource can correspond to multiple logical resources e.g. an Excel file with multiple sheets corresponds conceptually to a (logical) Dataset with multiple (logical) Resources.

# Schema

A schema for data:

  • The set of fields present
  • Their types
  • Any other restrictions e.g. all positive