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# Data Management Systems

A Data Management System (DMS) is a system or framework. It is a core technology and can be used to create a variety of solutions such as Data Portals, Data Catalogs, Data Lakes etc.

We have two related DMS stacks:

# Solutions

You can use a DMS to build many kinds of specific solutions

  • Data Portals are gateways to data. That gateway can be big or small, open or restricted. For example, data.gov (opens new window) is open to everyone, whilst an enterprise “intra” data portal is restricted to its personnel.
  • Data Catalog: see https://ckan.org/ (opens new window)
  • Data Lake: you can use a DMS to rapidly create a data lake using existing infrastructure. For example, using the DMS’ catalog and storage gateway with existing cloud storage and data processing capabilities.
  • Data Engineering: you can use components of the DMS to rapidly create, orchestrate and supply data pipelines.

# Features

A DMS has a variety of features. This section provides an overview and links to specific feature pages that include details of how they work in CKAN and CKAN v3 / DataHub.


There are many ways to break down features and this is just one framing. We are thinking about others and if you have thoughts please get in touch.

# Components

A DMS has the following key components:

https://coggle.it/diagram/Xiw2ZmYss-ddJVuK/t/data-portal-feature-breakdown (opens new window)

# Visualization and Dashboards

# Frictionless

The Frictionless Data toolkit. See https://frictionlessdata.io/ (opens new window)

Our team created whilst at Open Knowledge Foundatioin and continue to co-steward it.

# OpenSpending

https://openspending.org/ (opens new window)

# Developer Experience

Service Reliability Engineering (SRE) and Developer Experience (DX) for our CKAN cluster technology.

Old cluster

# Glossary

Glossary »

# Notebook

Notebook – our informal blog